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CrystaLite Skylights

Energy-Efficient Skylights Offer Dramatic Results

CrystaLite, based in northwest Washington, manufacturers high-quality skylights, roof glazing, sunrooms, and rail systems. Skylights make an attractive addition to homes, offering an energy-efficient way to let natural light into spaces.

Skylights constructed by CrystaLite are NRFC-rated for thermal performance and NAMI-certified for air infiltration, water penetration, and structural loading. These accreditations mean that these skylights have been tested to meet industry standards.

What Makes CrystaLite Skylights Unique?

CrystaLite offers a variety of skylight options, including traditional glass skylights, dome skylights, venting skylights, and tubular skylights. Here are some of the brand’s distinct features.

Advanced Frames: a redesigned enhancement panel is now a thermally broken aluminum frame with a white enamel finish, which is PVC free and ENERGY STAR® certified

Standard Frames: CrystaLite offers two PVC/aluminum frames that are ENERGY STAR® certified as well as an aluminum frame with high load glazing available

Retrofit Solutions: the ES panel is a retrofit solution for existing skylights that has a drop-in frame design, increasing the thermal performance of most skylights by double

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