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Garage Doors

New Garage Door Replacement for Instant Curb Appeal

Your garage door is the largest street-facing feature of your home. Garage door installation can be completed in less than day and will instantly improve the style and function of your garage and home.

Why You’ll Love Our New Garage Doors

  • Natural Light & Privacy
  • Upgraded Hardware with Quieter Operation
  • Dent Resistant & Secure
  • Wind and Noise Reduction
  • Modern & Traditional Styles
  • Easy Maintenance

Modern, Traditional, and Carriage Garage Doors to Match Your Home

New homes are built with the most basic and thin garage doors that dent easily. Breakout of the mundane and upgrade your garage door for a unique look that will "WOW" the neighborhood.

Old homes have heavy, noisy, and drafty wood garage doors. Old wood garage doors require regular maintenance to prevent wood rot or warping. A new durable triple-layer garage door can match the classic style of your home while delivering superior function. Pre-painted galvanized Garage Doors can be hosed-off to keep the garage door looking as good as the day we installed it.


Sleek mederno or flush panels. 8 window layouts for the ultimate style.


Shaker-Flat or Classic in short/long panels. 16 Decorative window inserts

Carriage House

Shaker-Flat and Shaker-CS in short/long panels. 16 Decorative window inserts. Decorative Hardware in wrought or slightly bumpy.

Garage Door Colors

Standard Colors


Premium Colors

Black Ice
Dark Walnut

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Intermountain Windows & Doors is a top-rated window and door installer servicing the greater Puget Sound area since 1997. Contact us today to chat more about installing your new Garage Door.

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