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Specialty Windows (Bay, Garden)

Bay windows and garden windows are specialty windows that protrude from the home. They allow for more window area, and in some cases more floor area to enhance the appearance and value of the home.

Bay and Bow Windows – typically in a main living area, bay windows require custom installation to support the increased weight. With the window jutting into the yard, you are part of the outdoor surroundings while in the comfort of your home.

Bow windows are bay windows with more than three window sections. There are many possibilities with bay/bow windows, with or without ventilation, walk in bays (added floor square footage), benches, roofed exteriors, and more.

Garden windows – Kitchens are the location of choice for most garden windows. With sloped glass on top, a garden window maximizes light so it is ideal for plants. The added glass area also brightens the kitchen and creates a much more open feel. Garden windows open on the sides for ventilation and have a glass shelf.

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